Audit “Old” QDRO Files

Do you have any ticking time-bombs in your files?  Let QDRO Compliance Services audit your old QDRO files to make sure that the QDROs for your clients were officially approved and properly put-to-bed.  In many cases, opposing counsel will submit a QDRO but never follow up to be sure that it was ultimately approved by the plan administrator—or that the plan’s interpretation was in accordance with the intent of the parties and the court.

QDRO Compliance Services can help you avoid that eventual nightmare scenario phone call from the alternate payee when she finds out that her ex-husband retired (or died) and she never started to receive her QDRO share of the benefits.

Call QDRO Compliance Services today at (440) 567-0000 to find out more about how we can help lower your liability exposure in the area of QDRO drafting.