Gary A. Shulman, author of the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 3rd Ed. (Wolters, Kluwer Publ.) is the country’s leading authority on QDROs. Gary has drafted over 20,000 QDROs and instructed countless thousands of divorce attorneys on the intricacies of drafting QDROs for their clients. And through his QDRO consulting business, Gary and his staff have also administered and qualified well over 100,000 QDROs for corporations and plan administrators, including many Fortune 500 companies. Using these unique insights gained from years of working with plan administrators on every type of retirement plan, including defined benefit, defined contribution and cash-balance plans, Gary can draft your QDRO for a single, low flat-rate fee of $350 per QDRO, guaranteed through approval.

Do not simply rely on the “company model.”  Plan administrators often do not have your client’s best interests in mind.  Let QDRO Compliance Services review the plan in question and determine the best approach for securing your clients’ property rights in the pension or retirement savings plan.  Remember, the pension is oftentimes the largest marital asset, so don’t wait until the divorce is finalized to get us involved in the QDRO process. If you call us when you start the case, we can provide you with state-of-the-art separation agreement language to include in your judgment entry.  Save yourself and your client headaches later by including all of the substantive pension assignment clauses and protective language in your separation agreement before it’s too late.