Many third-party administrators, record-keepers, benefits, actuarial and consulting companies often find themselves reviewing QDROs for their corporate clients, even though that is not their general area of expertise.  In fact, it’s often done more as a convenience for their clients.  In other words, it’s a burden and doesn’t add much to the bottom line.

Welcome to QDRO Compliance Services, the national leaders in QDRO administration for corporations and plan administrators.  Recognized as the country’s leading authority on QDROs, owner Gary Shulman and his staff can handle the entire QDRO administration and qualification process for your clients for a single low, flat-rate fee of $300 per QDRO, guaranteed through approval.  Even if it takes the attorney three or more attempts to get it right, we only charge your client the one-time $300 fee.

As author of the leading text books in the field of QDROs, including the acclaimed Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 3rd Edition, and new The Complete QDRO Training Manual for Corporations and Plan Administrators (both Wolters, Kluwer Publications), Gary Shulman brings unparalleled expertise to QDRO administration.  So, whether your client receives 200 QDROs a year or just 2, QDRO Compliance Services is your best choice to relieve yourself and your client of the ultimate legal nuisance called QDROs.

Your clients will quickly realize that you have partnered with the best in the business when it comes to QDRO administration.

Gary Shulman has formed strategic alliances with many third party administrators and consulting companies to handle the QDRO administration for their clients.  You can either subcontract with us to handle the QDRO administration for your corporate clients, or simply refer them to us, and we will work with them directly.  We can handle the entire process for a single, low flat-rate fee of $300 per QDRO.

So why not reduce your corporate liability exposure and call QDRO Compliance Services today at (440) 567-0000.