At QDRO Compliance Services we handle the entire QDRO administration for your company from start to finish.  For a single, low flat-rate fee of $200 per QDRO, we will perform the following services:

  • Review and make recommendations regarding your company’s QDRO review criteria
  • Review and Update your current model QDROs, guidelines and procedures
  • Log receipt and status of every QDRO onto our on-line alternate payee database
  • Contact plan record-keeper to place a hold on participant’s account(s)/benefits 
  • Send written QDRO procedures to all parties 
  • Distribute model QDROs to attorneys upon request 
  • Review QDRO in accordance with federal law and client’s QDRO procedures
  • Generate and distribute QDRO Approval or Rejection letters as applicable
  • Handle all phone calls and emails from parties or their attorneys 
  • Review any amended or supplemental QDROs as necessary 
  • Provide parties with 30-day ERISA appeal period upon approval of QDRO
  • Review and report any unusual QDRO issues with company representative

Call us today to start your QDRO administration right away – (440) 567-0000.