Seamless Transition w/TPAs

QDRO Compliance Services works closely with all third party administrators and recordkeepers to make sure that the QDROs are handled smoothly and efficiently once approved.  From placing initial holds on participant accounts to submitting QDRO approval checklists outlining all of the pertinent provisions in the QDRO, we can assist your recordkeeper or actuary in reducing any potential mistakes upon implementation of the QDRO distribution.  We can also adapt our procedures, instructions and correspondence to mirror the current forms, practices and procedures of your recordkeeper or actuary which will help expedite the back-end of the QDRO process, once the Order is approved. 

Additionally, your recordkeeper and/or actuary will never see us as a threat to their core business because we only do one thing—administer QDROs better than anyone in the country.  This increases their comfort level in working with us.  In fact, many of our referrals come from third-party administrators, recordkeepers and actuarial consulting firms.