QDRO Compliance Services brings unparalleled expertise to QDRO administration.  We handle the entire QDRO process from start to finish.  As author of the leading QDRO text books, including the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 3rd Edition, and new The Complete QDRO Training Manual for Corporation and Plan Administrators (both Wolters, Kluwer Publications), ERISA Attorney Gary Shulman and his staff can handle the most esoteric QDRO issues when they arise.  That’s right–not every attorney uses the “company model” and when unusual QDRO clauses or issues arise, Gary or a member of his staff will address them promptly with your client’s HR or legal department—and they will not incur any additional fees.  QDRO Compliance Services does not charge consulting fees to its corporate clients.  We only charge a one-time single, low flat-rate fee of $300 per QDRO.

Lower your company’s (and your clients’) liability exposure in the area of QDRO administration and call QDRO Compliance Services today at (440) 567-0000.