Your Guide for all things QDRO.

As author of the leading textbooks in the field of QDROs, including the acclaimed Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 4th Edition, and The Complete QDRO Training Manual for Corporations and Plan Administrators (both Wolters, Kluwer Publications), Gary Shulman brings unparalleled expertise to QDRO drafting for attorneys and divorced individuals.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 4th Ed.

Widely recognized as the definitive work on the topic, the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook,4th Ed. written by Gary A. Shulman, turns the most confusing QDRO issues into clear answers and step-by-step guidelines. Drawing on years of experience, Mr. Shulman steers you past the QDRO pitfalls, with expert tips, drafting checklists, and even a special chapter on 29 areas of high liability risk. In this volume you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive model separation agreement language that you can incorporate directly into decrees to ensure that all of the QDRO issues are properly addressed

  • Model QDROs for all types of retirement plans

  • Guidance on how to draft and administer child support QDROS

  • Dozens of tips on how to detect potentially hazardous deficiencies in the “company model” QDROs

  • Detailed instructions and models for dividing federal and state government plans

The Complete QDRO Training Manual

"for Corporations and Plan Administrators"

The Complete QDRO Training Manual for Corporations and Plan Administrators is a comprehensive resource that will enhance the knowledge and productivity of your QDRO review staff whether they are seasoned professionals or new to QDRO administration, by delivering:

  • Over 100 practice-tested recommendations for enhancing your company’s QDRO review set-up procedures

  • Proven QDRO training techniques to turn your QDRO review staff into QDRO professionals

  • QDRO review training tips for avoiding inconsistencies and misinterpretations that can lead to liability exposure for your company

  • The 12 critical steps to follow upon initial receipt of a QDRO

  • 15 ways to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your QDRO review staff

  • 9 model QDROs that can be adapted for your use (for defined benefit, defined contribution, and cash balance plans)

"Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook continues to be the most useful book in our office. We have a wall of books and literature on QDROs and your Handbook contains all that information and more. It is the single best publication our office has purchased in many years. Thank you for your expertise."

-Grant G. Zielinksi, Divorce Financial Analyst