QDRO Drafting

What We Do

QDRO Compliance Services specializes in the drafting of QDROs for attorneys and divorced individuals across the U.S.  In addition to drafting QDROs for employer-sponsored plans, we also draft Orders to divide all types of retirement plans, including:

  • IRA Transfers
  • Civil Service Retirement System (“CSRS”)
  • Federal Employees Retirement System (“FERS”)
  • Federal Thrift Savings Plan (“TSP”)
  • Military Retired Pay through DFAS (Active or Reserves)
  • Ohio Public Plans, such as OPERS, STRS, SERS, Police & Fire and Ohio Deferred Comp

“We Draft QDROs In All 50 States”

Lawyer QDRO Drafting Services

Our team can draft your firm’s QDROs for a single flat-rate fee of $400 per QDRO, guaranteed through approval.

QDROs for Divorced Individuals

If your lawyer turned over the responsibilty of drafting the QDRO to you, or simply dropped the ball and never drafted your QDRO, give us a call. We can draft your QDRO for a flat-rate fee of $600. Remember, even if your divorce decree granted you a portion of your ex’s retirement benefits, you will never see a penny unless a QDRO is drafted, signed by the judge and then submitted & approved by your ex’s employer.

QDRO College/Training

We encourage divorce attorneys to read through the Recent Posts on QDROs in order to gain further insights into the intricacies of QDROs. This will help enhance your practice and reduce the potential for a malpractice claim.

If you are a plan sponsor or third-party QDRO reviewer, we encourage you to find out how we can enhance the knowledge of your QDRO review staff to assure a quick and efficient review of QDROs.

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