Lawyer QDRO Drafting Services

Our team can draft your firm’s QDROs for a single flat-rate fee of $400 per QDRO, guaranteed through approval. If the plan administrator rejects our QDRO for any reason, we will make any necessary revisions at no additional charge.  We can draft QDROs for all types of employer-sponsored retirement plans, including defined benefit, defined contribution and cash balance plans.  We also draft Orders to divide federal CSRS, FERS and TSP Plans.  If you are an Ohio attorney, we can draft DOPOs to divide any of the Ohio Public Employee Plans (including STRS, OPERS, SERS, Police & Fire, and Ohio Deferred Comp.)

We Bring Unparalleled Expertise to QDRO Drafting


Gary A. Shulman, author of the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 4th Ed., is the country’s leading authority on QDROs. Gary has drafted well over 25,000 QDROs and instructed countless thousands of divorce attorneys on the intricacies of drafting QDROs for their clients. Other the past 25 years, Gary and his staff have reviewed and processed over 100,000 QDROs for corporations and plan administrators, including many Fortune 500 companies. Using these unique insights gained from years of working with plan administrators on every type of retirement plan, Gary and his team can draft your QDRO for a single, low flat-rate fee, guaranteed through approval.

Do not simply rely on the “company model.” Plan administrators often do not have your client’s best interests in mind.

Review Opposing Counsel's QDRO

Let QDRO Compliance Services review opposing counsel’s QDRO to be sure that it was drafted in accordance with the intent of the parties and the court. Don’t be deceived by opposing counsel who may have included some clauses that were never intended by the court. Whether you represent the plan participant or the alternate payee, there are ways to circumvent the terms and provisions of the judgment entry to the detriment of your client.

For example, if you represent the alternate payee and the court awarded your client a full coverture share of the participant’s accrued benefits, you should carefully review the terms of the QDRO to be sure that the “frozen” coverture approach was not utilized in the Order. This could have a devastating effect on your client’s eventual share of the pension.

Judgment Entry Language

Are you sure that your divorce decree contains adequate language for securing your client’s property rights in the pension? Don’t be led down the wrong path by opposing counsel. If your client is awarded a property interest in the participant’s pension, then you need to be sure that the decree includes the proper QDRO assignment clauses.

QDRO Compliance Services can provide you with judgment entry and/or separation agreement language to use in your case. Just contact us and we will send you our time-tested recommended language for securing your client’s complete and full property rights in the participant’s pension or savings plan benefits.

Collecting Past-Due Child Support with QDROs

Today, hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S. are owed past-due child support, and that number is growing daily. If your client’s ex-spouse is covered under a 401(k) plan through his employer, a child support QDRO can be submitted, and in many cases, your client can receive the entire past-due child support arrearage in a lump sum payment as soon as the QDRO is approved. The federal pension laws require an employer to honor a child support QDRO for up to 100% of the participant’s total vested account balance under the plan. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help your client receive their support arrearage through the use of a child support QDRO.

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